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We must support our troops on the ground to win this war.

RotorOps is a mission generator and gameplay script for DCS: World. At its heart is a game type called Conflict, which requires helicopter operations to win battles on the ground. AI enhancements provide a dynamic ground war by causing unscripted conflicts between ground forces and a progression of the front line.



Never before has infantry been so important in DCS! Pick up troops from the staging area or a cleared conflict zone and deliver them to the active conflict zone. They will move through the zone until no enemies remain (or until they are killed). Very useful for flushing out enemy infantry and vehicles in densely forested or urban areas. JTAC units can mark important targets with smoke and laser.



The attacking side starts with ground units that move progressively through enemy conflict zones, seeking out enemy units within each zone. Protecting our ground forces is essential for establishing forward bases for rearming, troop pickup, and winning the battle. Destroy enemy vehicles and infantry to ensure the survival of our own ground units. Clearing conflict zones of enemy units is essential for establishing forward bases for rearming and refueling. All enemy ground units must be destroyed to win the battle!



CTLD logistics crates are available from your starting base or staging zone. The logistics area has several logistics containers, that can themselves be moved to a new area via DCS inbuilt sling loading. If you can get one of these containers to a new area safely, it becomes a CTLD logistics zone for spawning crates to build ground units and air defenses.

DCS Mission Generator

Key Features:

  • Unique helicopter-focused gameplay.
  • Mission Generator windows app.
  • AI enhancements that automatically creates the ground war.
  • Over 100 built-in voiceovers (or for use in mission customization via trigger actions).
  • Splash Damage 2 script for more realistic explosions that no longer require direct hits.
  • CTLD troop and logistics transport automatically integrated and enhanced with sound effects.
  • Play the role of the attacking or defending force.
  • Single-player and multiplayer slot creation.

Demo Missions

RotorOps: Aleppo Under Siege https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320079/

Rota Landing (Mr. Nobody) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320186/

Dynamic Roles

A RotorOps Conflict mission has opportunities for a variety of roles and tasks. There’s no need to artificially select these roles, as the mission is fully dynamic. Troop transport, logistics, CAS, and ground attack are implemented, with SAR/CSAR/EVAC on the way.

Mission Generator and Customization

The mission generator works by automatically placing units and trigger actions into a mission template.

Missions produced by the generator are easy to modify and understand. For example, units can be moved, and player flights can be added without issue. Use the result of the mission generator for quick plays, or build on it for something epic. Trigger actions are set up, labeled, and commented so that you can understand how things work and add your own actions. An additional library of voiceover files is provided for your own use.

Easily add your own templates for friendly/enemy ground units directly in the DCS mission editor.

Create your own scenarios for the RotorOps mission generator, using the DCS mission editor. Scenarios can contain triggers, briefings, additional friendly/enemy units, or even other scripts. A scenario can contain anything you could normally create in the DCS mission editor. By using your scenario with the mission generator, your mission becomes replayable.

IMPORT markers in the scenario template can import complex arrangements of static objects and vehicles at any point on the map. Utilize our library of FARPs, FOBs, and other assets or create your own.

New! Multiplayer Server

Come fly with us on the newest DCS server dedicated to rewarding and dynamic helicopter gameplay. Featuring CAS, troop transport, and logistics on a dynamic battlefield where it’s all about the war on the ground.